SIM Shop

 General Overview

The SIM Shop (previously known as the Crypt) is the place to go for all your equipment, space and expert advice needs.  The SIM Shop is in the basement of the North Building. It houses the majority of the gear you can sign out as a SIM Major. It is also the office of one of the SIM Studio Managers, and where the diagnostic tools are kept. We have a workbench where you try-out your gear before you go, and a small parts department for the assemblers. The SIM Shop and the SIM studio managers exist to support SIM Majors in their art-making.

The SIM Studio Managers:

Max Azanow –
(on duty Monday – Friday 9 – 5) office in Crypt

Max has over twenty years national touring experience staging events from shooting laser beams and fireworks to power distribution. Max is a Lighting Designer who splits his time between corporate clients and non-profit arts projects. Max spends his summer time with The National Council of Traditional Arts as Backline Manager, staging The National Folk Festival and other regional festivals. Max’s band ”The Bad Art Ensemble,” has been playing at the Plough and Stars in Cambridge since 1990. Catch them there the last Wednesday of every month.

Eric Freeman –
(on duty Tuesday – Thursday 10 – 6) office in SIM lounge.

Eric is a multi-media artist involved in music production, instrument building, photography, video, and installation.  He is currently involved in a variety of music projects.

SIM Equipment Access

We presently have a paper reservation system with a web inventory database coming online fall 2010, and a web reservation system coming online in the spring of 2011. SIM Majors with a valid Mass Art I.D. are welcome to come reserve equipment on the paper calendars whenever the Crypt door is open. You can pick-up and/or return the gear on any weekday, except Monday, from Noon till 2 p.m. and for an hour after the SIM Major Studio on Thursdays.

You will be required to record the condition of the gear and make it work before you leave with it, PLAN YOUR TIME ACCORDINGLY. We will be developing repair records and making purchase decisions based on your feedback. This is an important new step to insure we get the best tools for our work.

Equipment is available for a one-week term (one of the longest at Massart), you must have insurance to borrow gear worth over $250.00 in value.  Renters Insurance is a great way to protect yourself and SIM from loss. We will soon post the names and links to some local companies you can contact about this. Your parents may already have this kind of insurance that might cover you. Please give Max a copy of your insurance policy to keep on file.

Late Return Policy

Someone else is waiting for that HDV camera you have in your possession. Late returns are unacceptable. If you return equipment late you will lose access to equipment AND SIM spaces.

  • 1st   offense ~ no access one week
  • 2nd offense ~ no access one month
  • 3rd  offense  ~ no access one semester
  • Gear Lost, Damaged ~ No access until replaced or repaired

We are all exceptional, but the rules apply to everyone.

Damage to and loss of SIM Property

You will be held responsible for damages to or loss of equipment signed out by you. Failure to make restitution for these damages may result in;

  • No equipment access until replacement
  • Grades withheld
  • No Graduation

SIM Space Policy

SIM students can reserve time in the following spaces:

  • Sound Studio – must be enrolled in sound class or by permission of current studio managers.
  • Pozen Center for Interrelated Media – calendar online.
  • N181 classroom – calendar in crypt.
  • Godine Family Gallery – availability subject to the policies put in place by the current Gallery Managers.
  • SIM Lounge, aka Green Room – no real calendar, best for small group discussion.

We all share space and to insure that each person has the full benefit of a

working studio we must all do our very best to leave each space the way (or
better than) we find it, not to leave personal items behind, and to help secure
any equipment not permanently installed.

We have no room for storage. There is NO STORAGE SPACE. This is our reality. We do not have individual studios in SIM, we have shared space.  This may not be what we want but this is what we have. This also reflects the reality for artists in the ‘real’ world. Most installations are temporary and you have to arrange for storage of your supplies.

Your art, clothes, bikes, stuff, belong where you live. Bring your things
HOME with you. Items related to ACTIVE productions may be accommodated.

Monday is DUMPSTER DAY, anything you leave behind will be thrown away or sold on EBAY each Monday. Let’s keep it clean and remember our studio is the showcase for Mass Art, take pride and responsibility.

Additionally, the SIM Lounge is not your apartment, make sure you clean up after yourself. If we can keep in clean, we keep it comfy.

SIM Shop Monitors

There will be job positions available for those who have work study hours. We will be open for equipment checkout each weekday (EXCEPT Wednesday) from Noon till  2 p.m. with an additional hour on Thursday evening at the conclusion of SIM.  Job candidates must have expertise in at least two areas (audio, video, photo, film, lighting, computers),  be handy with Excel documents, and be friendly in manner and appearance ~ please contact Max for more details.