The Pozen Center


Located in North Hall, a 1907 auditorium built for Boston Girl's Latin School, the space incorporates Palladian windows and a reproduction of the Parthenon frieze. In the 21st century it received extensive renovations and was reborn as the Pozen Center.

The primary purpose of the Pozen Center for Interrelated Media as a MassArt facility is educational. It is the main laboratory/studio/classroom for programs in the Studio for Interrelated Media Department. As one of the few flexible multi-use art spaces in Boston, the Pozen Center is also an important community resource. It is made as available as possible to the members of the MassArt community and Boston at large in a manner that respects its educational mission, protects the safety of the users and the equipment of this technical production facility.  

Image of the Pozen Center

The Pozen Center supports an occupancy of 400 standing and 250 seated.

For information about accessing and using the Pozen Center, please contact:

  • Max Azanow, Studio for Interrelated Media Studio Manager, 617-879-7477 <>
  • Claudia LeClair, Manager of College & Visiting Events, 617.879.7861  <>
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