Welcome to SIM SP19

We are welcoming new SIM Majors this spring and saying goodbye to a few that are flying off to new adventures.

We also have many amazing guests coming and events happening this spring.


Welcome to SIM!!! FA18

We are really looking forward to meeting you and introducing you to the magic that is SIM.
If this will be your first semester in SIM, we’d like to invite you to a mandatory orientation meeting on Wednesday September 5 from 1 – 3 in the Pozen Center for Interrelated Media on the first floor of the North building across from the Godine Gallery.
We will introduce you to the faculty and staff and your faculty advisors; you’ll meet some current SIM Majors; we’ll take your photo for our community website; and answer your questions about the program.
*Please email nsturiale@massart.edu – to RSVP for the orientation
All electives start on Tuesday September 4 however you *should* have no classes booked during this 1-3 block of time on Wednesday. Your SIM Major Studio class will meet for its first class of the semester on Thursday September 6 at 1:30pm in the Pozen Center.
If you have any questions or I’ve forgotten anything or anyone, feel free to let me know. See you soon!
SIM Faculty and Staff,

Max Azanow
Elaine Buckholtz
Darren Cole
Eric Freeman
Juan Obando
Nita Sturiale

Summer Internship

SIM alum Meredith Sibley passed along this potential opportunity:
A Summer Production Internship in NYC with Disney. It looks like it includes theatrical productions that might be right up your alley if you have enjoyed using the skills you have acquired in Max’s classes.

FA17 Review boards!

Here is a document explaining review board process. it includes a link to the google calendar that shows what slots are available during review board week starting on december 18 –


Harris Barron in Flight

Harris Barron, the founder of the Studio for Interrelated Media passed away Sunday October 22 2017 peacefully at home surrounded by family.  He spent the last few weeks of his life talking on the phone and in person for hours every day making sure he said goodbye, offered last bits of advice, and directed a few more actions.

Harris will be remembered by hundreds of students and collaborators as a motivating presence that had no patience for excuses.  His legacy lives on in his artwork and poetry, the individuals that have been transformed by his energy and commitment, and in the Studio for Interrelated Media department that he founded in 1969 at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. 

Harris has maintained a close relationship with many SIM students and alumni since he retired from the college in 1988.  He has met almost all of the recipients of the Harris Barron Scholarship since it was first offered in 2010.

Harris is survived by his wife and artistic collaborator of 70 years, Ros Barron, his son Matthew Barron,  daughter Becky Barron,  and his grandchildren. 

If you’d like to know more about Harris, read this article, Harris Barron, written by Ron Wallace in 1988 (SIM Alum, 1974)

And check out Harris and Ros Barron’s website



Jack Pierson (SIM 1984) visits SIM!

Jack Pierson (SIM 1984) is a special guest of SIM as part of the MassArt Presidential Inaugural events.

Jack will be in SIM during the day as a guest critic and will be giving an artist talk on October 19 6:30 in Pozen. Reception in between.

See FB event https://www.facebook.com/events/131940727443971/

There will also be a Godine Gallery exhibition inspired by his work.

Please check out this Research Guide created by the MassArt Library Staff to learn more about Jack and make some Art for the exhibit!


Eventworks Team FA17/SP18

Congratulations to Ryann Feldman and Kelli Davies, our new Eventworks 2017/18 production leads. Please help them out! They will need A LOT colleagues to help with all aspects of their vision. More info coming soon.

Thank you to Allison MacDonald, Shelby Doolity, and Hank Fay for presenting your event ideas. SIM looks forward to seeing your events happen within or without the Eventworks context.

Ariel Jackson, Visting Artist 3/2

Thursday, March 2, SIM welcomes Ariel Jackson as a Visiting Artist.

Ariel Jackson is an American artist originally from Louisiana, currently living and working in Brooklyn, NY. Jackson’s work pulls from her personal narrative of having experienced Hurricane Katrina, growing up on a farm, childhood aesthetics, and information regarding black lives in the face of tragedy and catastrophe.

Jackson uses her personal experiences as a base to build and explore historical, personal, and social perceptions of The blues. Her mediums of interest are video, animation, and sculpture which she uses to contextualize narrative and physical translations of intellectual and historical information into lyrical forms.