Eventworks 2017/18

Posted Mar. 31, 2017 12:14pm

Congratulations to Ryann Feldman and Kelli Davies, our new Eventworks 2017/18 production leads. Please help them out! They will need A LOT colleagues to help with all aspects of their vision. More info coming soon.

Thank you to Allison MacDonald, Shelby Doolity, and Hank Fay for presenting your event ideas. SIM looks forward to seeing your events happen within or without the Eventworks context.

Ariel Jackson, Visiting Artist 3/2

Posted Feb. 24, 2017 4:11pm

image of Ariel Jackson

Thursday, March 2, SIM welcomes Ariel Jackson as a Visiting Artist.

Ariel Jackson is a Black American artist originally from Louisiana, currently living and working in Brooklyn, NY. Jackson's work pulls from her personal narrative of having experienced Hurricane Katrina, growing up on a farm, childhood aesthetics, and information regarding black lives in the face of tragedy and catastrophe.

Jackson uses her personal experiences as a base to build and explore historical, personal, and social perceptions of The blues. Her mediums of interest are video, animation, and sculpture which she uses to contextualize narrative and physical translations of intellectual and historical information into lyrical forms.

Visiting Artist, Caroline Woolard

Posted Feb. 2, 2017 7:15pm

image of Caroline Woolard

We were lucky to have a presentation February 2nd by Caroline Woolard from NYC.

official site


FA16 Review Boards!

Posted Oct. 28, 2016 7:54am
All - if you want to get a head start on scheduling your review boards, the slots have been entered into the calendar. Please view calendar linked embedded in the document below, choose a slot, email with date and time. THEN be sure to reserve your room/space.
For more information about review boards as well as available spaces, please see