The SIM community extends beyond the walls of Space46 (pre1990), North175 (1990-2002), the Tower Auditorium (2002-2004), or N181 and the Pozen Center (post2004). SIM alums are in Boston, West Virginia, Colorado, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Thailand, Holland, Viet Nam, and Italy – to name a few locations.

Students that graduate from SIM are uniquely prepared for lives as self-motivated artists as well as professionals in many commercial and non-profit fields. SIM grads have started their own galleries, TV shows, and businesses; worked as non-linear film and sound editors in Hollywood, New York and Boston (WGBH, ZOOM); as stage crew for theaters in New York City; as web developers for award-winning studios; as educators at Harvard, Stanford, Mills, Carnegie Mellon, and the New England Aquarium; and as practicing, exhibiting, and/or performing artists around the world.

We think we have a great relationship with our Alum and keep in touch via Facebook and MassArt’s Alumni department. We have enjoyed our Alumni and Founders Day celebrations (5 and counting!) and are preparing to celebrate our SIMBIG50 in the fall of 2020.  Stay in touch!

SIM Alumni & Founders Day


This year we moved our Alumni visitors to the spring semester as part of our SIMBIG50 events that include a series of SIM Alumni Panels. We invited SIM Alumni to participate in a discussion exploring SIM in relation to Socially Engaged Practice and Pedagogy, April 16, 2020, 5 – 6:30 pm.

Due to the pandemic we reinvented our panel to an online format – Check it out!


On November 1, 2018, we were inspired by the following visiting alum:


On November 2, 2017, we invited the following alumni back for performances, presentations, and an alumni panel:


November 3rd 2016. We invited the following alumni back for performances, presentations, and an alumni panel:

The evening event also celebrated Harris Barron’s 90th Birthday.


November 5th 2015. We invited the following alumni back for performances, presentations, and an alumni panel:


For our first event in November 2014, we invited the following alumni back for performances, presentations, and an alumni panel:

MassArt’s Alumni Awards

Saint Botolph Society Emerging Artist Award Recipients

  • 2018: Ian Solaski (SIM BFA 2017)
  • 2015: Sam Okerstrom-Lang (SIM BFA 2013)
  • 2015: Stephanie Cardon (SIM MFA 2010)
  • 2014: Lina Giraldo (SIM BFA and first Godine Family Gallery Manager)
  • 2014: Corrine Spencer (SIM BFA)
  • 2014: [and in music, Ben Cosgrove, son of a SIM alum, Maureen Cosgrove!]
  • 2012: Carolyn Shadid Lewis (SIM MFA)
  • 2011: Bahar Yurukoglu (SIM MFA)
  • 2005: Liz Nofziger (SIM MFA)

ALUMNI Resources

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Career Services

MassArt has significantly improved its career services department – check out their website.  And be sure to keep in touch with the SIM faculty/staff and let us know of any opportunities we can share with current students. Use the FB page for networking.

A Selection Of SIM Alumni/Ae:

(and examples of what you might do with a BFA degree from SIM)

Here is a link to a living google doc that we are always updating –

The SIM community extends beyond the walls of Space46 (pre1990), North175 (1990-2002), the Tower Auditorium (2002-2004), or N181 and the Pozen Center (post2004). SIM alums are in Boston, West Virginia, Colorado, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Thailand, Holland, Viet Nam, and Italy – to name a few.

Students that graduate from SIM are uniquely prepared for lives as self-motivated artists as well as professionals in many commercial and non-profit fields. SIM grads have started their own galleries, TV shows, and businesses; worked as non-linear film and sound editors in Hollywood, New York and Boston (WGBH, ZOOM); as stage crew for theaters in New York City; as web developers for award-winning studios; as educators at Harvard, Stanford, Mills, Carnegie Mellon, and the New England Aquarium; and as practicing, exhibiting, and/or performing artists around the world.

“Looking back at it, there is no other major in the world that would have helped me in my current work more than SIM.” –Devon Bryant, quoted from Facebook thread.

(many of the descriptions below are provided by the Alum themselves)


  • David Armstrong – one of the first class of [5] SIM majors has been appointed Vice President for Media and Communications, Colorado College, Colorado Springs, CO.


  • Ron Labbe – Reverend at the Church of the Third Dimension and owns Studio 3D Stereoscopic Imaging, a 3 DIMENSIONAL IMAGING specialist since 1980. Among many other clients, Studio 3D provided Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition with stereoscopic imaging technology and consultation.
  • Ron Wallace – was senior software engineer at AVID for many years. Ron is also an active member the Nature and Inquiry Artists group, produces many solo and collaborative artworks.
  • Joel Rubin – the creator of the original Eventworks Festival in 1977, was educational programs director at the New England Aquarium in Boston and is now a High School Science teacher.


  • Christian Marclay – received the 2011 Gold Lion award at the Venice Biennale for his installation “The Clock” which was recently purchased by the MFA in Boston. Marclay is a performer/sound artist in NYC who composes and performs with phonograph records and turntables. He has collaborated with musicians such as John Zorn, Elliott Sharp, Fred Frith, Zeena Parkins, Shelley Hirsh, Christian Wolff, Butch Morris, Arto Lindsay, and Sonic Youth among many others. His works have been included in exhibitions at the Whitney Museum of American Art New York, Centre Pompidou Paris, Kunsthaus Zurich, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.


  • Roger Long – SIM/Film – I’m Lead Artist and Senior Game Designer at Sonalysts Studios in SE CT. I also am working on various web comic and mobile game programming concepts in my non-existent spare time…  Work history – worked at Saks Fifth Ave., then Copy Cop, before spending 9 years as a movie projectionist and popcorn slinger. Did a brief stint as Film Tech assistant at Mass Art, then got work as a computer graphic artist. Went to Texas in 1995 to work as a 3D/2D game artist on early massively multiplayer games. Worked for 3 companies down there and got to Art Director/senior game designer before moving back to New England for my job at Sonalysts in 2005.
  • Danny Mydlack – Professor of media production and history at Towson University near Baltimore, MD. Danny runs a broadcast journalism intensive at the George Washington University in Washington, DC. Previously he produced and directed media and interactive productions for financial, software and educational publishing clients in New York and Los Angeles.


  • Max Azanow – Max has over twenty years national touring experience staging events from shooting laser beams and fireworks to power distribution. Max is a Lighting Designer who splits his time between corporate clients and non-profit arts projects. Max spends his summer time with The National Council of Traditional Arts as Backline Manager, staging The National Folk Festival and other regional festivals. Max’s band ”The Bad Art Ensemble,” has been playing at the Plough and Stars in Cambridge since 1990. Catch them there the last Wednesday of every month.
  • Keith Kurman – Reformed recreational drinker. bemused. Facilitator to the Cult of Celebrity, Steward and curator of Cultural Anomalies, Dr. in Natural Philosophies, gardener.
  • Dana Colley – He has toured the world with the rock band Morphine from 1990-1999 presently touring a musical accompaniment with Ken Brown’s film Psychedelic Cinema and musical group Vapors of Morphine. >
  • Gina Mullen – was the Production Director at First Night Boston and is founder of Park Street Production company.
  • San Shoppell – selected as “Artist of Hawaii” 2002 and 2003. Led a culinary team to win the 2009 American Culinary Federation Student Team Competition held in Orlando, Fla. Currently a professional Chef.
  • Tucker Stilley – Stayed in SIM till i had internalized it, started a odd production co/circus with other mighty SIM graduates, who – i won’t blow their cover here… played with the Rain-n-Shine collective and starspangled motherfuckers… well you know, went insane, fled Boston during the great diaspora of 89′ – moved to a old deserted family home in Los Angeles, insinuated myself into the corpse of Old Hollywood, and became a damage control specialist as the whole system collapsed. simultaneously, built out a loft with other MCA friends, a mere 400 mile commute, with a recording studio, recorded an album and started making too much money in Hollywood, betrayed my friends, had a 5 year therapy session at the end of which my therapist went mad, decided that obviously – i would make a good father, had a child with my high school sweetheart (who i had gone through all this with) worked at home as a freelance audio/video, sound designer guy, until i was laid low with a bizarre fatal disease that seems to have a problem with actually killing me… but paralyzed me except for my eyes. And here i sit. Actually making art. 53 years at this writing.


  • M Lisa Phipps – biochemistry/nanotechnology research at Los Alamos National Laboratory. MFA from San Francisco Art Institute in 1997


  • Adam Gilmore – professional camera operator and cinematographer who has worked on many Hollywood films including O Brother, Where Art Thou?,  The Family Man, The Love Letter, The Big Lebowski, Cop Land, The Ice Storm, and Fargo.
  • Kate Cerridwen – toured for years as a sound and lighting technician, production manager, road manager, cruise ship tech, did the LA thing for Merv Griffin, came back to Colorado and did sound and lights at the beautiful Boulder Theater, then Production Manager at Denver University, and left that to become a Logistician for Doctors Without Borders (and still freelance in theaters when I’m back here). Woot! Good Life.
  • Candace Holman – Computer Scientist and Convergence Engineer working in telecommunications at Harvard University.
  • Gail Wight – Internationally recognized artist in new media. She works in digital media like video and web-art, but also uses unusual sculptural/performance materials like DNA and EEGs. She started a multimedia arts program at Mills College modeled after the SIM program. She is currently a tenured Professor at Stanford University.
  • Lolly Lincoln – Retired Cambridge public school Art Teacher of over 25 years. 2013 MAEA specials needs art teacher of the year. Research and develop art curriculum for people with autism. Ritual artist 20+ year member of the Earthspirit community, creating public pagan ritual and holding biannual art salons.


  • Brian Williams – Senior Media Computer Scientist at Adobe.
  • Ryan Cummings – accountant at the New Museum of Contemporary Art and Exit Art and a treasurer and financial administrator at Participant, Inc.  He composes, records and performs his own musical work in the NYC area.
  • Nita Sturiale – Recognized for breaking ground in combining GPS technology, participatory performance, and handheld computing. She is included in Stephen Wilson’s Information Arts (MIT Press, 2001).  Nita is currently a Professor in SIM.
  • Bill Quern – One of my best experiences at MassArt was hanging around SIM people and the Sim department. There was a Boston College radio program called “No Commercial Potential” and they would occasionally play traditional music from around the world. This inspired me to listen to more and start playing music and learning dance. Now a days, when I’m not managing our local Co-op’s warehouse, I play music for dances, and teach music and dance, and end up in all sorts of cool events like the Firebird Festival in Phoenixville, PA: here I am at age 48  This type of dancing is called Morris Dancing and is an English tradition. One of the dance forms I teach these days.


  • DJ Flack (aka Antony Flackett) – DJ, producer and video/multimedia artist living in the Boston area. He is also teaches and is on the Computer Arts Staff at MassArt.
  • Monica Pizzichemi and Mike Mckay – founded the Empty Set Gallery in Western MA.
  • DJ Goldilox (when she was in SIM we called her Lisa Sirois) – professional sound engineer and DJ. After a number of years in Ireland she is currently based in San Francisco. She performs every year at Burning Man.
  • Maura Jasper – video and performance artist, created “Punk Rock Aerobics” which has been reviewed on broadcast television and toured the U.K.  She came back to SIM as an MFA student. She is now a Professor of Art at Ball State University.


  • Adam Max Trefonides – currently a Sr. Systems Administrator at Argonne National lab. After SIM went to SAIC on and off for a number of years. I’ve been a UNIX Systems Administrator for many years. Prior to holding my current position at Argonne I was responsible for the team that managed all the central UNIX systems like the central e-mail system at the University of Chicago. Before I worked with computers, I was a cross country trucker, carpenter, welder, sculptor and unemployment recipient. I maintain my trucker’s license for when the Internet fad ends.
  • Jef C Taylor – Zookeeper/Pest control manager at Zoo New England.
  • Kate O’Connor  – after I left Avid Technology (software QA, then Communications), I’ve been working as a self-propelled writer & artist ( & I’m also working on starting a small business, TBA soon. Currently in the Denver area.
  • William Tremblay  – I’m technically class of 1992 or maybe 3 — but in truth I’ve failed to graduate anything except for SIM, ever. For money I’ve done many things — designing museum exhibits, installing extravagant AV displays at theme parks and on ships, making interactive experiences using several decades worth of once-cool media. Currently I’m a “Marketing Technologies Manager” at a Cambridge software company. Fortunately I’m also the director of COLLISIONcollective, a Boston-based art and technology group. And you should come to see our new show, More Human opening September 12 at the Boston Cyberarts Gallery.


  • Ken Kokubo– SIM originally, but graduated in ’93 w/ an open major. Worked in IT since. Recently became the unified communications engineer at MIT (integrating video conference, web collaboration, im, and voice infrastructure). I have recorded music since I was young. Over the last 12 years have done so for other people as time permits. Mostly at Zippah in Brighton.
  • Josh Boughey– webmaster/webdev at MIT Media Lab, played in many bands over the years, still mess around with video, audio recording and DIY electronics.


  • Eve Chosak (MFA) – Composition, arranging, songleading, soundhealing, sound ritual, education, facilitation, coaching….and some UX, tech training, web/mobile design, and content management.
  • Miria Jo- UX/UI Designer @Yahoo in Los Angeles since 2008. SIM Grads can do anything/everything!
  • Mitch Rosenberg – Currently Creative Director for Ice 9 Productions a live event video production company.


  • Jenny Ciaffone – Assistant production electrician for Boston Lyric Opera (I run and program the lighting console), union stagehand for theater and live music, starting to work in film. I also do side jobs as a welder/metal fabricator, and occasional fire dancing at parties. Jenny lit the MassArt Graduation ceremony at the Boston Pavilion in May 2015!
  • Evan Harrison – Currently a Middle and High School Teacher at Chimacum, WA, USA. Teaching for Career & Technical Education classes (CTE,) in Media Productions, Digital Photography, Computer Applications, & 3D Modelling.
  • Duncan Wilder Johnson – 1. Spoken word artist, released 4 records of that, toured around the US, sometimes with big names like Jim Carroll, Jello Biafra, and Marky Ramone. 2. Worked for a record label and learned the music business as it was crumbling and learned web and graphic design. 3. Was the lead singer of a couple of Metal bands namely Destruct-a-thon and Bring The Knife. Released 4 music records. 4. Worked as a carpenter for a year, but fell off of a house and almost died and decided I needed a new day job. 5. Worked for Reebok for 9 years doing photo-retouching and graphic design. 6. Made a documentary about the hardcore band Sam Black Church, which is in the legal finalization phase right now.


  •  Jiro Ghianni – since SIM, working in many very weird jobs, now mostly doing web development and freelance gender oddities.
  • Marty Allen – That freelance juggle thing…. More than anything I make and sell Sock Puppet Portraits for a living in New York ( I also wrote a book about that (“Sock Puppet Madness.”) Then I wrote a couple other books that aren’t out yet about weird hobby stuff. But then also I was recently hired to help make a new Spongebob game for Nickelodeon (writing concepts), and I’ll be doing a bunch of college humor comics for a Barnes and Noble site. There are several other random bits, these are just the most recent or relevant, and the ones that actually pay money.
  • Lynne Doncaster – stay-at-home-mom, but earned money for many years doing administrative work, which did call on skills I learned in SIM – keeping projects organized, disseminating clear written and verbal communication, and presentation skills. I’ve found my artistic fulfillment in improv and sketch comedy, writing, storytelling and stand-up. None of those outlets have paid all of the bills yet, but my life would be incomplete without them.
  • Stefan Raither –  Architectural lighting designer now. I guess it all started through lighting other SIM kids who wanted to get naked on stage.


  • Ethan Kiermaier – in an MFA program at UMASS but I have done all sorts of things including adjunct professor at Bunker Hill, art direction and curation for a film festival, lots of DJ gigs which occasionally pay, carpentry, fabrication, AV installation, outward bound instructor, etc…etc…etc…
  • Jasmine Alana Laietmark – {interim} Executive Director of the Cambridge Historical Society AND Logistics Coordinator for farm volunteers with theMOVE
  • Tara DeMarco – VFX Supervisor/Senior Flame Artist at the mill, los angeles
  • Mat O’B – Self-employed artist/carpenter at O’Brien Wood & Iron. I restore antique homes and do remodeling. My company also designs and builds “antique” signs and specialty products for RRL vintage and other clients. Combination carpentry and ornamental ironwork.
  • Jill Moriarity – After some interesting times in retail management, I am an Employee Experience Manager at an awesome UX design and dev consultancy ( in Chicago. I also teach art part-time at
  • James Bernardinelli– I have worked mostly in an administrative capacity in Higher Education, with a time in between working as a graphic artist and video editor at Troma Entertainment in NYC. I also spent a number of years playing music/making crazy videos in the crazy new wave/performance group Uncle Monsterface with fellow SIM alum Marty Allen. I am now the Registrar for an online university that teaches holistic nutrition, but I still like to compose/record music on the side mostly for my own enjoyment, but recently was lucky enough to have a few tracks appear in the new documentary “My Name Is Jonah” by fellow MassArt film alumni JB Sapienza and Phil Healy. You can hear my stuff, old and new, at:…/sets/james-bernardinelli-original PS: SIM will always be one of the greatest things I have ever experienced in my life.


  • Richard Streitmatter-Tran – Started out as an aspiring artist, supplemented income by teaching part-time. Current position: full time artist, lecturer at university and director of an arts research space in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.  He has exhibited his work internationally, including the Singapore Biennial of 2006 and 2008. He is a 2012 MassArt Alumni Award recipient.
  • Carolyn Bloomberg-O’Brien – Graduated Harvard Graduate School of Education in 2005. Been teaching middle school and high school English in the Boston area ever since.
  • Kevin Pelrine – Got my Library Science degree in 2012 from Pratt. I’m now an Information Architect working in enterprise software design in NYC. But that’s just my day job! By night, I produce and curate performance art events with my wife Darcey Leonard (totally using everything I learned in SIM – s/o to Max!). Check us out if you’re in Brooklyn or at!
  • Jacob Vaughn Gushue– I have been designing and manufacturing handmade and screen printed leather accessories since 2006. Check out Project TransAction I would choose SIM again in a heartbeat.
  • Eric Freeman (MFA) – Eric is a multimedia artist involved in music production, instrument building, photography, video, and installation.  He is currently involved in a variety of music projects. Eric is also a studio manager in SIM and instructor of the Art and Science Immersive Media course that produces content for the Fulldome Planetarium theater at the Boston Museum of Science.


  • Devon Bryant – Stage manager and VJ for EOTO. Project manager for Zebbler Studios. Stage manager for Zebbler Encanti Experience.
  • Avi Paul Weinstein – 8 years of interactive design, 2 years as a successfully, self-employed, designer / musician / artist. Projects include: directing music videos, producing marketing videos, audio production/mixing, designing album art, video installations, motion graphics, and staring at facebook.
  • Matt Mozzone – Public School Groundskeeper. Freelance graphic designer. Freelance film/tv production. Occasional rock god. Some random video game graphics.
  • Dave Schlafman – Currently Experience Design Leader at Netflix. Dave is an award winning animation producer, director, and children’s book illustrator. Dave has worked professionally in the fields of design, animation, and illustration for clients such as Penguin Publishing, Hasbro Toys, Parker Brothers, PBS, WGBH, Johnny Cupcakes, as well as American Greetings. He recently won the Grand Prize for Current TV’s 60 Seconds to Save the Earth PSA Contest. Al Gore now uses Dave’s animation during his global warming presentations. Creative director at CloudKid Studios in Boston, MA, a children’s media company that focuses on interactive storytelling by creating fresh and original characters.
  • Matt Karl – a professional web and interactive designer, technical artist and programmer specializing in children’s multimedia.  He also has designed award-winning websites for cities, created digital 3D prototypes and developed mobile game content. Matt was a lead flash developer at Disney Online Studios before joining the executive team at CloudKid Studios in Boston, MA


  • Zebbler Peter– Owner at Zebbler Studios – multimedia / video / projection / installation / performance company. Super hard, but keeping afloat. Performer at Zebbler Encanti Experience
  • Melanie Bernier – Artist/Musician, showing work and playing, touring, and Program Manager for the ProArts Consortium, which MassArt is of course a member of.
  • Brian McCook – welovekatya YouTube Channel
  • Walker Simons – Software Development Manager at Vantiv.
  • Svea Eppler– Masters in Interactive Technology from Southern Methodist University in 2009. Professional game designer for the past 5 years. I make neat stuff for millions of people have fun.
  • Sarah Ibrahim– MFA CalArts in 2010. I kept working in the live events industry as a sound engineer and then video technician through grad school, where I also helped manage the Integrated Media lab. Current gig is as a Project Manager for Worldstage, an event technology company that specializes in large scale video installations.The most important skill that SIM taught me was how to break down the technical aspect of a project to it’s component parts, and use existing technology to new and interesting ends. This helps immensely in my current work, since I spend fair amount of time designing systems and processes for a desired outcome that is sometimes far afield from the context the gear was designed for. I do some performing every now and again, but unfortunately the reward for being great at your work is actually just more work… and I still haven’t quite figured out that balance.
  • Matthew D Howell– It may have seemed like I never learned anything, but SIM showed me how to figure out what I wanted to do, and how to learn how to achieve it. I have been programming for a living since then. This year I started my own company to create interactive art for fancy tech companies. I work with other hackers and artists who are brave/crazy enough to push the envelope of what has been done before. I have searched for life experiences similar to being a part of SIM, playing with all those amazing people all the time, and it is really a very rare gift to have that experience.


  • Sahra Brady – Architectural model maker/part-time sign shop manager/working artist/Illustrator<3
  • Cory Skuldt– Co-Director, Treasure City Thrift (worker run business creating community space and funds for local non-profits through creative reuse in Austin, TX). And previously/occasionally some freelance design/marketing/event production, most recently for ReuseConex. And sometimes making art, and sometimes getting sale or grant money for it.
  • Erica A Tyeklár Wells – full time pastry chef and bread baker. Frequent library patron. Creator of small things.
  • Susan Jones – Moved to LA to work as an animator. In the creative process making, among other things, “Spongebob Squarepants…”
  • Shelli Paroline Lamb – Full-time comic book artist currently working on the Adventure Time comic series. It won an Eisner, a Harvey (comic industry awards) and is a NYT best seller in case you really want to rub it in Nita. Thanks to all the collaboration and production experience I gained in SIM, I also organize and co-direct the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo (MICE)
  • Star St.Germain – I run my own design agency in San Francisco. Clients include Marvel Comics, Zivity, California College of the Arts, SFWeekly, Laurie Penny. I also play in 3 bands making noises with cellos & computers & my face.


  • George Lewis Scharoun – Technical Producer of Gallery Media at the MFA, where I’ve been since graduating in 2007 (installs audio/video artworks and plan interpretive digital media in galleries and exhibitions.)
  • Jimena BermejoBlack (MFA) – grew up in Mexico City where she began her dance training and career. She moved to Boston to attend the Boston conservatory where she graduated with a BFA in Dance. As a graduate student in SIM, she explored social practice work through performance art and video. Jimena is a member of Mobius Artists Group, teaches dance at The College of The Holy Cross in Worcester, and frequently teaches movement courses in SIM. >


  • J Cuz Uza – Money: After avoiding 2d art like the plague during school and for 5 years after, i am now somehow making money on commission, live, and studio painting. I also manage a food truck.
    Not money: getting back into music after a painful band divorce, as well as some weird blends with comedy and performance art. Also random event work for musician friends both touring and local.
  • Lisa Carrie Goldberg – Uni professor in Biological Arts (2012) Owner and Lab Director of Action Potential Lab (2013-present), the seeds of this whole art-sci world were set while in SIM 2004-2008 >
  • Totem Faehy feedback :: event planner – art director – studio production artist – live event production artist + 3 active live music/art projects and one studio project  artlife: lifeart
  • Melanie Bernier –  She is a visual artist, musician and administrator. She is currently a project manager at the ProArts Consortium. Melanie has toured nationally with her band, The Fagettes, since 2010. Previously, she has worked at Gateway Arts and Harmonix systems. >


  • Scout Oh – Reggio Inspired Early Childhood Educator, and Graduate Student studying Art Museum Education
  • Brian Saia – Audio recording/ technology faculty at two colleges and freelance mixing / post production sound in Hollywood.
  • Eli Pepper –  self employed artist, face painter, costumer, hat maker, companion.


  • Michael Burke – Founder of Alwaysplay web design and development. In the process of redesigning the Sotheby’s Institute website.
  • Paige Peterson – Technology evangelist, speaker, community organizer, event producer, web development, futurist…
  • Rob Blache – Web Designer/Programmer professionally. Theatrical Prop/Costume creation and freelance Productions for myself and my own sanity.
  • Benjamin Brown – managed a notorious strip club in SF for two years, had a brief stint as an art dealer, currently freelance construction/landscaping, soon to be running front of house for a new music venue in oakland. Also developing products for a new line in skin care. Jail wedding cellist, set dresser, writing a sci-fi radio play, research assistant for biologists in Joshua tree, working in soundscape ecology.
  • Matthew Serpico – experiential producer. based in Dubai, but operating all over the world.


  • Ian Deleón – Independent Contractor (video editing + web), usher at the Huntington Theatre Co., Artist in Residence at Chinese Progressive Association, Teacher/Writer/Organizer/Producer, but actually FULL TIME ARTIST showing in Trinidad, Martinique, D.C. and New Bedford in fall 2014.
  • Dunkin Brown – I build sets for film and tv, such as top chef, and the voice, among others. i mostly just do whatever i want though. my life rules.
  • Amy Mills – Freelance graphic design for record labels/real estate, plus full time marketing coordinator / design stuff for a management company. And lot’s of freelance photography work + 3 bands!
  • Micah Danemayer – Producer / Curator / Organizer for an ongoing experimental music series called ‘Trance Mutations’ ….a monthly now designated at Moco Gallery here in Oakland, Ca….. Also I create live visuals for local bands / other show organizers under the moniker Visual Aids….. had 5 shows in July…. still in food service to pay the bills though…..
  • Eric Ente – Front-End Developer & wearer of many other hats at CloudKid.
  • Kara Stokowski – Artist assistant/video editor/animator/technical guru for artist Yu-Wen Wu for 3 years, DJ consistently around Boston (DJ DayGlow!), tour manager for a band called Free Pizza.
  • DeWitt Forbes Patterson – video editor and producer in training at Litton Entertainment. We are an emmy award winning tv production firm that specializes in E/I content (Educational & Informational)


  • Sarah Borrello – is currently pursuing a singer/songwriter career and also works at NorthEastern University in the Events department. Her band was voted “Best New Act of 2012″ at the New England Music Awards. In 2011, Sarah recorded her first official full-length album at Bon Iver’s Studio in Wisconsin and released it in 2013.
  • Ben Aron – Video Editor and Web Developer at MIT Academic Media Productions. Since graduating I have done an interactive video collaboration with a Boston dance company, a couple freelance lighting gigs, worked with a group on a public light installation, and was an assistant chocolate maker in an organic chocolate factory. I have a permanent installation in the works at a science magnet school in CT.
  • Darby Rages – Graphic Designer & Event Planner for a queer/kink group in the SF Bay Area and doing commissioned fine art work.
  • Brooke Scibelli – is a creative producer, working at the intersection of education and experiences. Brooke was an Eventworks 2012 co-producer. Brooke has produced local and international exhibitions and productions for  non-profits, independent artists, schools, and businesses. Brooke maintains a practice of making work with her hands, and teaches visual arts, photography and woodworking to children and teens.
  • Johnny Chanthavong – Event Space Manager Hawaii. Media Services Specialist at the MFA.
  • Justin Pomerleau –  New owner of a handmade and vintage clothing, antiques and oddities shop in lower Allston. Traveled byvan selling at shows for 3 years. I also live on an “urban farm” according to boston. Our garden is about 16×16 with 2 handmade greenhouses and 2 compost bins.
  • Heather Enders – Full-time Indoor Gardener at Tower Hill Botanic Garden. then i get my art on working at the Crompton Collective/Canal District Farmers Market, drawing things, art projects, helping with events, and trying to get my own stuff out there.
  • Ariel DiOrio – Art teacher!
  • Kelsey Jarboe – First job out of college was a theater internship. Now: Professional theater sound designer and sometimes event technician + published and publishing fiction author, freelance web design and technical documentation editor. My life fucking rules.
  • Patrick Chaney – Doing art/ music therapy with adults with developmental disabilities by day, producing and performing experimental music and video by night! Graduated 2012, SIM gave me the space and tools to manifest my imagination!
  • Julie Chen – Graphic Designer for the Connecticut Science Center, an all-ages science museum.
  • Amy Mills –  project assistant at Sanky Incorporated, working on a team that works with HRC, Holocaust Museum and the Drug Policy Alliance! Stoked


  • Anthony Cassetta – owner, cassettacrafts,  I have a line in the beginnings of production. I also work full time for Boston children’s hospital as a program coordinator for liver transplant and general surgery.
  • Lewis Reginald Morris– Poetry teacher at Dorchester Academy; part of a performance poetry group known as “Flatline Poetry” ( Freelance teaching artist; Hip-Hop producer/Beatmaker (3 albums under my belt, with two more in the works) (; Consultant/Educator with CACP/Sparc.


  • Jenna Calderara – I work at Harpoon Brewery as a bartender and tour guide (decent money for right out of college) but they let me do artistic projects like writing the signs/menus on the side, and there is a lot of room for growth into the higher up positions. Plus, we’re now employee-owned!
  • Nicollette Bovat – mobile app Visual Designer at LevelUp!; was intern at Hill Holliday (advertising) in art direction/ graphic design… also freelance design.

We need to do some more work here!


and… graduation years unknown.

  • Suzi Walsh is Executive Director for The Center for Independent Documentary, based in Newton, MA, a one-of-a-kind organization dedicated to helping area filmmakers take their docu-vision from start to finish. In 1997, the CID was honored with the Commonwealth Award for Outstanding Cultural Organization in Massachusetts.
  • Andrew Schneider is a much sought-after engineer in the recording industry. Living in NYC. He was nominated for an Academy Award for his audio DVD for “Blue Man Group.”
  • Jason Arnone did sound design for video game development at ‘Harmonix’ in Cambridge, working with recording artists like David Bowie and Run-DMC. Now he is a career advisor at RISD.
  • Michael Nishball is a Rigging and Stage Equipment Specialist with Theatre Projects Consultants. He has more than ten years experience in theatrical rigging systems design and has worked at Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center, NYC, College of Staten Island Performing Arts Center, NY, Cable Vision Headquarters, NY and the HBO Corporate Screening Rooms, NYC.
  • Caitlin Corbett is artistic director of the Caitlin Corbett Dance Company and professor of dance at Salem State College. She’s received a Fulbright grant to create and perform new work at Theatre Academy of Finland in Helsinki for the spring 2009.
  • Ean White is a practicing artist as well as the studio manager at Harvard University’s Studio for Electroacoustic Composition.
  • Paul Lindale is a Professor in New Media at Greenfield Community College.
  • Jenn Leong is a video artist and editor who, after working with the Toneburst Collective in Boston moved to NYC and is now working as a producer and editor at MTV.
  • Ryan Hodson is a video artist and editor. She has been an editor for WGBH’s  “Zoom!” and “Sesame Street” and is co-creator of the “Top Shelf TV Show” cable television series.
  • Elizabeth Hottinger is a visual artist who runs her own gallery, Vagabond Gallery, on Cape Cod.
  • John Taylor is an independent entrepreneur who created his own software company.
  • Jenn Diamond, artist and musician, performs and tours with her band ‘Vanity Press’ in Los Angeles, CA.
  • David Wengertsman, a video and performance artist, is the technical director for the Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center.
  • Gregory Adams, previous Director of the Jorge Hernandez Cultural center in the South End, Boston. He told Dana once, “You know, coordinating and scheduling all the events including equipment rentals, making curatorial decisions, choosing and training tech people… every day I use stuff that I learned as a student producer in SIM.”