SP19 Courses

MPSM-205 Stagecraft and Technical Production
Wed. 3-8:00pm.     Instructor: Azanow
This course aims to demystify basic lighting, rigging, sound and staging practices. Technical workshops will be conducted during class time where students work in teams to complete assignments. Demos and lectures also include site planning, power distribution, and safety in the workspace.

MPSM-211 Interrelated Media Practice
Weds. 8:00am-1:00pm.     Instructor: Obando
This is a critique studio course where students produce and present interrelated media artworks in progress and/or in final form. The course is closely modeled after the Studio for Interrelated Media Major Studio course, but with a smaller class size. Additionally, rotating faculty also present emerging topics related to interrelated media for discussion and exploration. For SIM Majors, this course provides a more intimate setting to work through artworks in progress. For Non-majors, it is an opportunity to expand one’s artistic practice, interact with artists from other disciplines, and refine public speaking skills. There is no prerequisite and it is an open elective.

MPSM-207 Beat Research
Wed. 3-8:00pm.     Instructor: Flackett

This is a studio course about electronic music and culture. Students explore the techniques of sampling, sequencing and drum programming using current music making software including Reason and Ableton Live.

MPSM-216 On The Spot
Tues & Fri 9:30-12:00pm      Instructor: Bermejo
This course explores the body as a tool for making instantaneous performance choices. We will work through a series of improvisational techniques from concepts of “Action Theater” to contact improvisation. Students will work individually, in duets, and in groups to explore gesture, space, time, energy, intention and the voice. This is great class for those who want to get more comfortable with their bodies and movement. as well as their ability to think on their feet in any setting.

MPSM-272 Sound Performance
Thurs 9:00am-1:00pm      Instructor: Buckholtz
Students will learn elements of sound performance, technical considerations including vocal techniques, content development and presentational context. Students present live sound pieces on a weekly basis.

MPSM-317 Event Planning and Production
Thurs 9:00am-1:00pm      Instructor: Obando
This is the spring segment of a year-long course designed for those that are actively involved in organizing and producing events and exhibitions throughout the year. It is required for Eventworks Producers and Godine Family Gallery Managers. It is also open to any student that is actively producing events and would like support writing proposals, timelines, budgets, and preparing documentation. Students will meet with the instructor one on one throughout the semester; additionally the class will meet periodically as a group to discuss general production issues. If you are starting a large event-based project in the spring, you may request to add the course by permission of instructor. Please contact nsturiale@massart.edu with your project proposal.

MPSM400 Intensive Performance Art
Tues 1:30-06:30pm      Instructor: Schaefer
Image: Linda Montano & Tehching Hsieh, Art/Life One Year Performance (Rope Piece)

In this class, students develop and deepen ways performance art fits into their practice. Through in-class exercises, student-led studio time, and personal research students investigate audience – performer relationships, site-specificity, working with extended duration, body awareness, risk management, personae work, delegated performance approaches, and documentation strategies. Approaching performance art through a visual arts lens, we investigate the history and contemporary climate around the medium’s inclusion and/or exclusion from institutional art contexts, public space, and artist-run initiatives. 

MPSM-409 Mining Meaning (Contemporary Methods of Inquiry)
Wed 8:00-1:00pm      Instructor: Buckholtz
This advanced class focuses on the development of artistic practice and individualized research through multiple lenses. During the course, students are expected to create project based works through multi-faceted approaches to research. The course examines Practice-based Research which is a form of research that aims to advance knowledge partly by means of practice. Discussion, in-depth reading and written analysis regarding contemporary issues in art are a fundamental component of the course.

Studio for Interrelated Media 2018-2019