Thank you for celebrating with us!

We had a fabulous virtual party – that didn’t really feel virtual. Come back to this page for updates and followups about how to celebrate SIM’s 50th birthday!

SIMBIG50 Virtual Event credits:

  • Executive Producers – Max Azanow, Nita Sturiale
  • SIMBIG50 Video Director and Editor – Duncan Wilder Johnson
  • Virtual Event Producer – Monica Chiang
  • Virtual Event MC – Zayde Buti
  • Virtual After Party Host – Kara Stokowski
  • Alumni Relations – Darlene Gillan, Megan Cronin
  • SIMBIG50 Program Designer – Naomi Gabizon
  • Video Closed Captioning – Maddie Hluska
  • Catalog Curators and Editors – Sam Toabe, Evan Smith
  • Catalog Designer – Mary Yang (Open Rehearsal)
  • SIM Archive Research and Development – Nita Sturiale, Danielle Sangalang, Alison Beaudette, Brooke Scibelli, Noah Roscoe, Dyllan Nguyen
  • SIM Archive Website Developer – Dana Moser
  • SIM Timeline Developer – Nicky Enriquez, Nita Sturiale
  • Current SIM Faculty – Elaine Buckholtz, Juan Obando, Dana Moser, Nita Sturiale
  • Current SIM Adjunct Faculty – Eric Freeman, Max Azanow, Sandrine Schaefer, Antony Flackett
  • SIM Staff – Max Azanow, Eric Freeman, Elizabeth Mezzacappa

Special thanks to Ros Barron, Kym Pinder, George Fifield, and all of the Adjunct Faculty that have brought their energy and unique gifts and perspectives to our students over the years and our Alumni that have been interviewed and/or sent archival materials to the SIM Archive!

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Poster Front!

Download and PRINT, FOLD, KEEP
the SIMBIG50 Program Zine.
Designed by Naomi Gabizon (SIM’ 21)
download the complete .pdf file

SIMBIG50 Program Zine pages

We’d like to take this opportunity to share some SIM NEWS!

  • Have you watched SIMtv yet?
  • This year’s Eventworks team is curating a series of Alumni Interviews on their “Art at the End of the World” podcast
  • A special silent episode of SIMtv will be on view in the Boston CyberArts Gallery Window
  • The Godine Family Gallery’s SIM Student Artist Talks will feature the collaborative essence of the department –
  • Presenting the SIM Archive! – If you have SIM archive materials (images, audio tracks, posters, videos, documents) that you would like to add, please upload to this Google Drive folder.

We are please to share that the Harris Barron, A.K.A. “Eagle Air” Fellowship has been established at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts (Deer Isle, Maine) by Rose Barron. The fellowship provides tuition, room & board, and a travel stipend for a two-week workshop. Haystack was one of Harris Barron’s favorite places and a refuge for many MassArtists.

If you have any questions feel free to contact Nita Sturiale (SIM ‘90)

Group photo of SIM students that participating in Nick Cave's Joy Parade in Boston in 2019.
Group photo of SIM students that participating in Nick Cave’s Joy Parade in Boston in 2019. SIM was founded in 1969 by Harris Barron, with its first cohort of students in 1970. For 50 years, SIM has continued to be at the forefront of artistic experimentation – with play, collaboration, live events, and social intervention at its core.

We still hold out hope for the following projects and events we had originally planned pre-covid.

  • SIM Alumni Exhibition curated by Sam Toabe (MassArt SIM and Art History Alum and currently Gallery Director of the University Hall Gallery at the University of Massachusetts, Boston). MassArt Brant Gallery;
  • SIM Founding Faculty with Archive Selections Exhibition curated by Evan Smith (MassArt SIM and Art History Alum, and currently Art Historian and Media Coordinator at the School of Visual Arts at Boston University). MassArt Arnheim Gallery;
  • Video Projection Installation curated by George Fifield (Founder of the Boston CyberArts Festival and the Art on the Marquee project). MassArt Tower Building West end lobby windows.
  •  SIM Alumni Panels during SIM Major Studio Class time:
      • Socially Engaged Practice and Pedagogy – occurred April 16, 2020 – check it out!  simbig50-alumni-panel-series
      • Immersive Experience – DATES TBD
      • Sound Art – DATES TBD
      • Pioneers in Production – DATES TBD
  • We have postponed our Harris and Ros Barron Immersive Experience Design Studio Naming Dedication event to honor Harris and Ros Barron until further notice. We will cut that ribbon on this new studio on our campus in the Design Media Center ASAP! We hope to make this a reality very soon! See below for how you can help with this! 

Please be sure and join our Alumni snail-mail and email lists. We are working closely with MassArt’s awesome Alumni Relations team to keep in contact with you!

Here is a direct link to join the SIM Alum and friends mailing list

And/or join our SIM ALUM private facebook group for updates –

Harris and Ros Barron Immersive Experience Design Studio

We need your help in raising the necessary funds to dedicate this new and exciting studio on campus in the name of Harris and Ros Barron.

The Immersive Experience Design Studio will incorporate the newest forms of visual creativity, story-telling, entertainment, research, and problem-solving. Immersive Experience technologies, including all aspects of XR – Extended Reality (virtual, augmented, and mixed reality) will be the highlight of the studio.  MassArt artists will be able to leverage their talents as visual artists, civic activists, and makers. This new studio will be a centralized location where students, faculty and staff from all departments will be able to demonstrate the cutting edge of technology, engage with the latest research and professionals in the field, share knowledge, collaborate on ambitious projects, and showcase their work. MassArt students continue to be shining examples of our mission of preparing artists, designers, and educators from diverse backgrounds to shape communities, economies and cultures for the common good. 

MassArt will be expanding this studio over the years, but SIM is getting things kick-started by dedicating the space in the Barron’s name. We need $50,000.00 to make this happen. These funds will help us purchase AR and VR equipment, software and accessories; enable a make-over of the room;  get us some chairs to sit on; and ensure we have a shared collaboration space for students, staff and faculty to brainstorm! We have already received several generous seed contributions from wonderful SIM alum and friends. THANK YOU!

Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin$50,000Raised $28,252 towards the $50,000 target.$28,252Raised $28,252 towards the $50,000 target.57%ANY amount will help us reach our goal!

In the ZONE
$10,000.00 and above

Eagle Airtists
$5,000.00 and above

On the Spotters
$1,000.00 and above

Friends and Loafers
$500.00 and above

Keepers of the Crypt
$100.00 and above

Space 46ers  
$50.00 and above

Presenters and Producers
aka Shared Experience Creates Community

$25.00 and above

If you’d like to donate you can do it online – – and choose Studio for Interrelated Media in the drop down menu. Or you can mail a check. Checks can be made out to MassArt Foundation with a note on the check that funds are to be used Harris and Ros Barron Naming Dedication

Please mail to:
Marjorie O’Malley
Executive Director
MassArt Foundation
621 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02115

Additionally, you are always welcome to donate directly to our two scholarships that are dedicated to SIM Students:

  • Micah Danemayer Scholarship
  • Harris Barron Scholarship

I am including a few links to reconnect you to the amazing things happening at MassArt and in SIM that you might enjoy:

For further information, with any questions,  and/or if you would like to volunteer your talents, networks and/or time please email Nita Sturiale (SIM ’90)

SIM alum Amy Cotton teching a show in the projection booth in the Longwood Theater. During her time at MassArt, Cotton was a participant in the ZONE production of Kandinsky’s Yellow Sound at the Guggenheim Museum in NYC.
Amy Cotton (SIM ‘74) teching a show in the projection booth in the Longwood Theater during the Master Magician and Friends performance event in 1973. During her time at MassArt, Cotton was a participant in the ZONE production of Kandinsky’s Yellow Sound at the Guggenheim Museum in NYC. Image credit: Photo by Dave Armstrong (SIM ‘73).