SIM updates

This note is a follow-up to the announcements that Nita made in our last major studio meeting about mid semester warnings, as well as a few other things:
1WARNINGS: It is time for mid-semester warnings. Mid-semester warnings are given out in SIM Major Studio for the following reasons – frequent absences/lates/leaving early; zero productions before mid semesterzero presentations before mid semesterlack of participation in group projects and critique; or missing any of the 10 requirements outlined in the syllabus.
Please contact your advisor or any other SIM Faculty if you have concerns or questions regarding what the requirements are in the SIM major studio. Warnings do not show up on transcripts… it is  a way for the faculty to tap you on your digital shoulder and check-in. 
2. REGISTRATION Registration is happening right now. Please be sure and be in touch with Faculty in order to get unlocked and or if you have any questions at all about the SIM electives. We’ve got some new classes this spring so we’d love to tell you more about them. Also please be sure to share information about these electives with your friends and other departments SO THAT THEY ALL RUN!!
3. SCHEDULING ISSUES: In other news, in the coming weeks, Elaine is out of town with an amazing opportunity to share her work in Ireland and Juan will be out of town next week, working with a SIM MFA alum at the Museum of Modern Art in Medellín, Colombia.  In addition to expanding potential opportunities and networks around the world for you, this means we have had to make some scheduling adjustments.  We’ve decided to postpone the department-wide reading discussion to early in the spring semester and move the next SIM Dept meeting to November 14 (instead of this coming Thursday Nov 7).
4. PRESENTATION OPPORTUNITIES: There are a LOT of folx that need to present at least 2 times before the end of the semester (see warnings above). We need at least 46 presentations slots to accommodate everyone. There are 5 classes left, one of which is the big SIM show date.  Below are the remaining presentations opportunities and the producers that need to be contacted. We could have enough possible slots but you are all going to have to organize yourselves and take the time management requirements of being a SIM major seriously.

Small Group Day – 11/7/19 (Elaine out of town)
– Poetry and Creative Writing related to Visual art practice (N181) Producers:Thomas Mackie, Jacob Cabral, Hope Antonellis, Gaby Schaab
– Alien (Pozen) Producers:Klara Wang, Griffin Christoffersen, Erica Gaeta, Amber Hayes
– General Presentations Group  (Sound Studio) Producers:Ace Epstein

Small Group Day – 11/14/19 (Elaine and Juan out of town)
– Experimental Ensembles + SIM meeting (Pozen) Producers:Olivia Sisay
– Cabaret Art  + SIM meeting(N181) Producers:Luc Miglin
– Artwork Critique + SIM meeting Producers:Eddie O’Donoghue

Small Group Day – 11/21/19
– Queer Art – end at 6 (Tyrone Maurice Adderley lecture with Dr. Cornel West, 6 pm Tower) (N181) Producers:Thomas Mackie, Arlo Farr-Weinfeld, Ace Epstein
– BIG Show Prep and Work in Progress – end at 6 (Tyrone Maurice Adderley lecture with Dr. Cornel West, 6 pm Tower) Producers:Julia Ferron
 Anti – end at 6 (Tyrone Maurice Adderley lecture with Dr. Cornel West, 6 pm Tower) Producers: Roy
– A/V part 2 – end at 6 (Tyrone Maurice Adderley lecture with Dr. Cornel West, 6 pm Tower) Producers: Timothy

No Class – 11/28/19 – thanksgiving

Big Group Day – 12/5/19
Department Exhibit (Pozen) Producers:Jilliane Mortimer

Big Group Day – 12/12/19
Big Group (departing senior ceremony 30 min) Producers:Freddy Thomas

You can always see this scheduling info for yourselves at  I implore you to get on the sim site and use it – that’s where the info is kept for you to use.

Reminder – presentation ‘credit’ is dependent on an individualized critical discussion of your artistic practice and goals, event if/when it is part of a collaboration. Collaboration is a key component of SIM – if you want ‘credit’ for this type of work, I recommend pulling together documentation of your collaborations and present that work with particular attention to your role in the collaboration and how this interrelates with your artistic and educational path.